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John Mattison

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Dr John Mattison is Chief Medical Information Officer and Assistant Medical Director at Kaiser Permanente since 1992. In 2003 he became program director for the HealthConnect program at Kaiser Permanente and led the largest civilian deployment of Electronic Health Records in the US. Before, he practiced internal medicine and critical care at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, where he served as director of the Intensive Care Unit, and chaired committees on Pharmacy, Quality, and Utilization.  His primary goal is to harvest the exponential growth of knowledge about health and use it to help individuals participate more directly in improving their own health and resilience and at the same time engage their communities in broader initiatives around health promotion for all members of the community. His numerous board memberships include, amongst others, the Open mHealth: Mobile Health Apps architecture for evidence-based mobile medicine and he co-chairs the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health workgroup on eHealth, Genome & Phenome.  His team is active in data analytics, with advanced expertise on NLP mining of phenomic records.  He has written and spoken widely on issues of privacy and reciprocal transparency, and actively builds numerous collaborations with the conviction that the future belongs to collaborators, especially in the world of Big Data.