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28 October 2015





Rudi Balling, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, Director

Wouter Spek, EurobioForum Foundation, Director


Keynote lecture


Maya R. Said, Novartis, Senior Vice President

“Big Data:  An Opportunity or a Distraction?  Signal or Noise?”

10:15h-10:45h   Coffee break with poster session and industry exhibition  

Hurdles to tackle


Bartha Knoppers, McGill University, Director of the Centre of genomics & policy

"From open or controlled access to...??


Carlos Conde, Amazon Web Services, Chief Technology Evangelist EMEA

"Cloud computing in healthcare"


Ana Mingorance, Dravet Syndrome Foundation EU, Scientific Director

"What’s in it for me? The patient as a partner"

12:30h-13:30h   Lunch with poster session and industry exhibition  

Making sense of complex data: standardisation & integration


Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR, Director

"Enabling European-Wide Sharing of Data in the Life Sciences"


Laurent Probst, PWC Luxembourg, Partner PWC Luxembourg and PwC Accelerator CEO and Founder

"SME big data companies: verticalisation, internationalization and regulation"


Andrew Hufton, Nature Publishing Group, Managing Editor

"From data repositories to data journals - publishing and sharing health-related data"


Jasmin Battista, European Commission, Member of cabinet of VP for digital single market

"Health Care in the Digital Single Market"

15:50h-16:20h   Coffee break with poster session and industry exhibition  

Big Data everywhere you go: new approaches in Big Data research


Andrea Mensah, Oracle, Healthcare Business Development Director

"From genomics to population health"


Paulo Esteves Veríssimo, University of Luxembourg, Professor

"e-Biobanking ecosystems:a global solution for usability and security of biomedical data"


 Ann Martin, Innovative Medicines Initiative, Principal Scientific Manager

"Enabling Technologies for Collaborative Research in Health"



The Doctor and Patient of the Future

    Maya R. Said, Novartis, Senior Vice President  
    Ana Mingorance, Dravet Syndrome Foundation, Scientific Director  
    Jan A. Hazelzet, Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam, Vice Director Strategy and Policy  
    John Mattison, Kaiser Permanente, Chief medical information officer