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29 October 2015


Big Data for Diagnosis


Bernard E. Bihain, Genclis, Chairman

"From Transcription Infidelity to Cancer Severity and Therapeutic Response"


Nigel Hughes, Janssen R&D, Director integrative healthcare informatics

"People first, data second – it’s relationships, then relational databases"


Timothy J. P. Hubbard, King's college, Head of department for medical & molecular genetics

"The 100,000 Genomes Project"

10:45h-11:15h           Coffee break with poster session and industry exhibition  

No size fits it all: Big Data for personalised medicine


Han Brunner, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Head of department of human genetics

"Whole Genome sequencing for intellectual disability"


Jay Bergeron, Pfizer, Director - translational & bioinformatics

"Extending the tranSMART Environment: An infrastructure for accessing corresponding clinical and genotype information at scale"


Hans Hofstraat, Philips Research, Vice president

"Smart Healthcare Delivery: IT Enabling the Health Continuum"

13:00h-14:00h           Lunch with poster session and industry exhibition  



John Mattison, Kaiser Permanente, Chief medical information officer

"Big Data Analytics:  The Inverted Big Bang, The MetaTopical BrainForest, The Behavioral Symphony for Wellness: Early Lessons, Caveats, and a Path Forward"


Matthias Evers, McKinsey & Company, Director

“Capturing value from big data for patients: perspective on investment focus areas and implementation progress”


Hartmut Voss, dievini, Scientific director

Implementing Big Data in today’s health care praxis: A conundrum to patients, caregivers and other stakeholders - what is the value and who pays”

15:45h-16:15h           Coffee break with poster session and industry exhibition  

David Brown, Alchemy Biomedical Consulting, Alchemy Biomedical Managing director, & Babraham Institute Enterprise

“Big Data in Healthcare: What is the likely impact over the next decade?”


Michel Goldman, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Full professor

"Big Data: a raison d’être for public-private partnerships"


Reinhard Schneider, LCSB, Head of bioinformatics core

Current challenges and promises in Translational Medicine"


Keynote lecture

Stephen Friend, Sage Bionetworks, President

"What will it take to understand multi-scale dimensional clinical data?"